Scientific Interests/Fields of Work
Scientific Interests
White Dwarfs
Magnetic White Dwarfs
Public Talks
Useful Links
  • Astrometry (Gaia)
  • Stellar Atmospheres
  • Late Stages of Stellar Evolution
  • White Dwarfs
  • Magnetic Fields in White Dwarfs
  • Atoms and Molecules in Strong Magnetic Fields
  • Chemical Abundances in White Dwarfs
  • X-ray Emission from White Dwarfs
  • Surveys for Hot Stars
  • Evolutionary Strategies and Genetic Algorithms

I have worked particularly on

  • Outreach for the Gaia mission
  • Visualisation of Gaia data
  • Data Access for Gaia
  • First Look for the Gaia mission
  • One-day Astrometric (ODAS)
  • First Look and Science Quick Look for the DIVA Astrometry Mission
  • Onboard Software for the DIVA Satellite
  • Polarized Radiative Transfer in Magnetized Stellar Atmospheres
  • Probing Gravitational Theories with Polarization Measurements
  • Search for Weak Magnetic Fields in White Dwarfs, sdB stars and Central Stars of PN
  • Interpretation of the Spectra and Polarization of Magnetic White Dwarfs
  • Zeeman Tomography of Magnetic White Dwarfs with Evolutionary Strategies and Genetic Algorithms
  • Consistent Interpretation of the Zeeman and Cyclotron Sprectra of AM Herculis Stars
  • Search for Fast Rotating Magnetic White Dwarfs
  • Test of Calculations for Atoms and Molecules in Strong Magnetic Fields
  • Interpretation of EUV and X-ray Measurements of White Dwarfs
  • Chemical Abundances of White Dwarfs
  • Chemically Stratified Atmospheres of White Dwarfs
  • Search for Faint Blue Stars in the Hamburg Quasar Survey, Hamburg ESO Survey, and SLOAN Digital Sky Survery
  • Hydrodynamical Simulations of Convection in White Dwarf Atmospheres
  • Stellar Dynamical Investigation of the White Dwarfs in the Proposes Hyades Supercluster